ICPSR Quantitative Methods Program (University of Michigan)

Modern Difference in Difference Designs (John Poe)

Statistics and Data Analysis I: Introduction (Niccole Pamphilis, served as a TA)

Data Visualization (Robert Cooper)

Usage and Application of Meta-Analysis Techniques (Mariola Moeyaert)

Bayesian Analysis in Stata (Gustavo Sanchez)

Multilevel and Mixed Models Using Stata (Rose Medeiros)


Oxford Spring School in Advanced research methods (University of Oxford)

Hierarchical Models (Andreas Murr)

Analysing Twitter Data (Christopher Barrie)


PhD Courses (Department of Political Science, University of Toronto)

Computer-Assisted Textual Analysis (Ludovic Rheault)

Statistics for Political Scientists (Michael Donnelly, served as a TA)

Quantitative Methods and Data Analysis (Ludovic Rheault)

Multiple Regression Analysis For Political Scientists (Olga Chyzh)


MPP Courses ( Hertie School of Governance)

Applied Logistic Regression (Michaela Kreyenfeld)

Event History and Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis (Michaela Kreyenfeld)

Behavioural Economics and Experimental Policy Analysis (Christian Traxler)

Collaborative Social Science Data Analysis (Christopher Gandrud)

Quantitative Research Design; Statistics II: Time-Series, Panel Data & Maximum Likelihood (Mark Kayser)

Statistics II: Time-Series, Panel Data and Maximum Likelihood (Mark Kayser, served as a Quantitative Methods Advisor)

Statistics I: Descriptives, Inference and Regression (Mark Kayser, served as a TA)


Methods Workshops (Department of Political Science, University of Toronto)

Survey Methods and Use (Michael Donnelly)

Web-Based Data Collection and Management (Olga Chyzh)

Research Ethics in the Social Sciences & Humanities (Dean Sharpe and Edward Schatz)

Political Science Statistical Computing Bootcamp (Greg Distelhorst, Rotman School of Management)


methods Courses Audited (Faculty of Information, University of Toronto)

Data Analysis of Social Networks (Deena Abul-Fottouh)

Ethics and Data Science (Rohan Alexander)


Other methods Courses (Publicly Available Lecture Videos)

Quantitative Social Science Methods, I   (Gary King, Harvard University)

Statistical Rethinking  (Richard McElreath, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)

Data Analysis and Politics (Matthew Blackwell, Harvard University)